After Rome we went back to Amsterdam, then Dover, then France, then Brooklyn, then Ohio. Now back in France.

The canal is in Amsterdam.

We are sitting at George W.P.A. restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

We are standing in front of Vincent Van Gogh. I feel happy!

Mom and I are looking at Van Gogh.

Mom is standing in front of the Van Gogh sketch wall.

I am painting The Tulips of Amsterdam.

The Tulips of Amsterdam.

The Gate to the Amsterdam Canal.

The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.

I am sitting and eating a banana in a ferry to the White Cliffs of Dover.

Lenny made flaming shrimp at Lenny's house in France.

Lenny played banjo and sang at Lenny's house in France.

I am standing in front of barn with hay in France.

I am in Brooklyn holding Manhattan Floating silkscreen. 
I am holding Mythic Creatures Mural Detail screenprint.

I am holding Washington Square Archway with Griffin and Tree with Many Red Birds screenprint.

I am holding Hippocampus silkscreen.

New York City with the Brooklyn Bridge.  Many multicolored cars are going to New York City and Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Bridge. There are many trees on the buildings. The clouds have different tones of grays and different hues of pinks. I feel proud, peaceful, and wonderful!

The Squid with Many Crabs, The Pink Octopus with Many Fish, The Crab and Squid with Many Fish and The Five Fish in the East River.

The White Horse with Many Rabbits and Peonies (quadriptych).

Many of Angelfish in Coral Reef.

I am signing my name.

My new book is called Abandoned Pearls.

The 3 Four Striped Damselfish with Many Far Away Fish and Coral Reef.

The Lionfish.

The Jellyfish.

Your Friend,