From France to Barcelona, 11/2-11/14, 2017

 Noah and I went on a walk near Lenny's house in Coullons, France. The sun was shining. I feel happy!

We went to Barcelona, Spain. We visited Park Guell again. 

We are at Park Guell. I feel thrilled!

I am standing by the lizard at Park Guell. I feel happy.
We went to see the Gaudi 4D Experiencia movie. I am sitting next to Antoni Gaudi. I feel excited!

I am standing next to Lenny in front of the 4 Gats Restaurant in Barcelona. There was live music inside. I feel peaceful.
We visited Gaudi's Casa Batllo. There were many floors. It was beautiful. I feel thrilled!

I am standing in the Gothic quarter in Barcelona. I feel excited and laughter!

We are in front of a history center of Catalunya. Noah took our picture from the rooftop. I feel happy!

We saw the Miro Art Museum in Barcelona. There were many beautiful paintings and sculptures inside. I feel thrilled and excited!

We went back to France. I am standing in front of the Zingaro theater in Paris. We are going to see a show with horses. I feel excited, happy, and peaceful.