We are back in France. This is my last trip to France and me painting in Brooklyn and Cleveland. You can buy my Portrait of a Young Man book. I feel astonished!

Lenny grew the squash and cooked the squash. The squash is a vegetable.

We are at a picnic.

More people are at our picnic. I feel grateful!

We are watching fireworks. I feel gleeful and astonished!

The Blues Brothers are at Le Trevi restaurant. This is Jake.

This is Elwood.

I am standing in front of our corn. I feel grateful!

I am standing with Elvis in Sigloy, France.

I am doing the barbecue with Bruno. We made chicken teriyaki.

I am feeding the horse with carrot.

I am standing with Tim and Cowboy. Lenny built his first house.

We are at Aeroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle.
Noah and I are at The Box Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.

I am painting African Mandala With Elephant, Tree, and Sun.

I am painting leaves with gold.

I am painting the background with blue.

We are packing for France. I feel peaceful and astonished!

I am painting the new dark turquoise mandala abstract.

I am painting The Mountains and The Field in Italy Mandala.

I am standing with Lenny, Holden, and Noah with rooster at the Siam Cafe.
Here is my book A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist. Herb Ascherman took 1000 portraits of me. Here are 40 black and white portraits and 40 of my paintings in color. You can CLICK HERE to buy my book. I feel laughter!
Your Friend,