We were in France. We came home to Ohio. We have a fox. I am painting and we are going to musicals. We will go back to France, Rome and London on Mother's Day.

We are at Restaurant L'Esplanade in Sancerre.

I am standing with Noah and Lenny and Pascal in Sancerre.
We went to Alain's house. He made fruit salad with flowers from his garden.

The cheese cart has goat cheese on the top layer at the Hotel Restaurant le relais du Cor d'Argent.
I am painting the Roman Forum.

David Hockney is a colonist. I want to make the grey stones purple.

We saw the fox in our backyard.
We are at L'Albatros with Lois and Doug. I love L'Albatros.

I am painting the petals on canvas.

Holden, Jamie, and I are holding The Phantom of the Opera programs.
I am sitting with Matthias.

Matthias is watching me paint the tree.
My painting is unfinished. I want to paint like David Hockney on big canvas.

The flower painting is finished.

The Sea Turtle is finished.

I painted clouds on my Roman Forum painting.

This painting is unfinished. I am making reflections.

I painted the mountain.

I painted the background.

Desiree is watching me paint.

The Chateau Normandy in France is unfinished.

Tom and Ari and I are watching A Bronx Tale.
Your Friend,