I did Mandalas. I did archetypes. See my Earth Mother, Jaguar with Blue Eyes, and my Maiden and Unicorn.

Title: King Seth Robot

King Seth is a robot-shaped doll. The background is lavender and lilac. King Seth's jacket is green! King Seth has a sash with a ribbon. I feel excited, gleeful, and wonderful!

Title: King Seth Robot with Striped Maroon Sash

King Seth is a robot-shaped doll with a maroon striped sash. The background is neon green. King Seth's body has different shades of blues. King Seth is proud and thrilled!

Title: The Earth Mother with Many Babies

The Earth Mother brings babies into the world. Her robe is red. The multicolored balloons are attached to the babies. The background is gold and shiny. I feel calm, comfortable, and tranquil.

Title: The Jaguar

The Jaguar has different tones of blacks, grays, and whites, and different hues of reds, oranges, yellows, golds, blues, pinks, and browns. I made it in New York in Kip's studio.  The Jaguar is an archetype.  I feel proud, glad, excited, thrilled, and peaceful!

Title: The Maiden and the Unicorn

The Maiden and the Unicorn has different tones of blacks, grays, and whites, and different hues of pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, turquoises, fleshes, purples, violets, magentas, and indigoes.  The Unicorn is a mythic creature.  I feel happy, proud, glad, and gleeful!

Title: The Violet Mandala Abstract 

The shapes are new and different. It was fantastic and genius to paint. The painting feels comforting and tranquil. There are many colors in the paintings: different tones of silver and blue like aqua and turquoise. There are different hues of reds and pinks like raspberries and strawberries. There are also oranges, yellows, and greens. I feel astonished, peaceful, and I feel laughter.

Title: The Royal Blue Mandala Abstract

The mandala painting is to heal the people. It is multicolored with many different shapes. The gold is shiny. This painting is beautiful! This painting is calm, comfortable, and tranquil.

Title: The Desert Mandala with Arches

The mandala is to heal the people. The arches are in the desert in Utah. There are three plants. The gold lines are shiny. The background and the sky have different shades of blues. There are many earth tones. I feel astonished and wonderful!

Title: The New Kosciuszko Bridge in New York, New York

The new Kosciuszko Bridge replaced the old Kosciuszko Bridge. The Brooklyn/Queens Expressway runs over the bridge. New York City is in the background. The birds are in the sky. The clouds have different tones of grays and different hues of pinks. The bridge runs over Newtown Creek. The bridge has lines of multicolors. I feel astonished, gleeful, wonderful, and enthusiastic.

Title: The Five Fish in the East River

The Five Fish are swimming near New York, New York. The fish are different hues of yellow. The river has different hues of blues. The buildings are different tones of grays. I feel astonished and gleeful and enthusiastic!

Title: The Hands and Faces Abstract

This painting has many faces and hands. Some colors are bright and some colors are not bright. There are many different abstract shapes. Some lines are straight and some lines are curved. I feel happy, astonished, and wonderful!

Title: New York City with the Brooklyn Bridge

Many multicolored cars are going to New York City and Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Bridge. There are many trees on the buildings. The clouds have different tones of grays and different hues of pinks. I feel proud, peaceful, and wonderful!

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