I made Silkscreens! I have New Paintings! I feel Gleeful!

I painted the Big Bang for the ChamberFest Cleveland. We went to Walt Disney World Resort.  Now do real world.  I made many new paintings.  I made Silkscreens.  I made Manhattan Floating and Fantasy Hippocampus with Kip in Brooklyn New York.  I Feel proud of the silkscreens.  I made 100 silkscreens.  I made 20 Artist Proofs.  I Will color them in many kinds of colors. I am excited about my artwork.  I will go to New York.  We are going to East 24th Street.  

Your Friend, 


Big Bang

Manhattan Floating Silkscreen 1/100

Manhattan Floating Silkscreen 1/10 AP

Fantasy Hippocampus Silkscreen 5/100

Fantasy Hippocampus 1/10 AP

Humpback Whale #1
Humpback Whale #2

Dolphin Cut-out

The Kangaroo is Jumping in the air.


Hand is holding the pencil
The  hand is pointing and the hand is grabbing

The hand is on the wood 


Seth and Milton Newmark 

The Venetian Canal. One Building between two rivers and other buildings.

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