I Spray Painted Outside in My Garden. I made new Paintings. I went to Shows. I feel Proud.

I am painting the Garden Abstracts with Flowers and other plants. I used spray paint outside. I spray painted gold in 2003 for the Freedom painting. I wear a mask to spray paint. I feel gleeful and happy. I drew the Canna plant in the Pot. I painted with cake decorating tips for the Gold And Bronze pot with Canna Lilies and Leaves. I am working on Manhattan Floating Silkscreen Artist proofs. I went to The One Night with Janis Joplin, I went to Mamma Mia! and I went to The War Horse. I feel excited. 

      Your Friend, 

I am drawing the Canna in my Backyard

I am spraying the purple flowers.
I am working on the Garden with Flowers.

The Purple Flowers

I am spray painting the flowers. I feel excited. 

I am spray painting a new painting. Flowers are in my Garden. 
I am spray painting the blue sky.
More spray painting.

Different hues of purples, violets, and very very light violet. 
Canna with flowers

I am drawing the Canna in the pot. I feel proud. 

The pot with Canna has many of flowers and leaves. It is unfinished. 

The Tall Canna Plant with Flowers in a Gold and Bronze Pot, Acrylic on Canvas, 69 x 16. I used cake decoration tips to make this painting. I feel enthusiastic about this painting. 

I am working on The Manhattan Floating Silkscreen Artist Proof with Graphite. 

I am painting the Manhattan Floating Silkscreen Artist Proof with Gouache.

I am working on The Venetian Canals with Bridge between the buildings and three gondoliers on the river.

Amy is in front of the Mythic Creature Mural

Amy and Seth are in front of the Janis Joplin. One Night with Janis Joplin at the Allen Theater. 

I am in the auditorium of Allen Theater. I feel glad! 

Mamma Mia! at the Palace Theater at Playhouse Square Center. 

War Horse at the State Theater in Cleveland, Ohio. 

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