Cayman in January, Gwynedd Mercy University, Philadelphia in April, France on May 8th

These pictures are sent from Ilse and Warren.

Loire Valley in France.

I have an exhibition in France May 11-23.   

I am sitting under "Welcome to Little Cayman" sign in Little Cayman. 
We are at the Fire Department and airport, in Little Cayman.
The iguana is near the Little Cayman Museum.
I am feeding the iguanas with bananas.
The frigates are on the tree outside my room in Little Cayman.
The sea turtle swims in the Caribbean sea.
Stephanie and the sea turtle are swimming in the Caribbean sea.

The dock with boats from my front door.
Fantasy Far Away Tropical Birds #3
We are sitting on the sunset cruise.
Debra, Stephanie and I are sitting on the sunset cruise.
The pier dock is far away from Blossom cottage. West side from the pier near Blossom. It is sunset.
I am standing in front of Blossom cottage.
Thatched roof with poles and hammocks. Debra, Stephanie and I lay in the hammocks. We will see the frigates.

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