I Did Lots of Dolphins and Dragons

        Here are my dolphins and dragons from my email. Here are three more dragons and my Abstract in Oil. I did a slue of paintings and drawings. I will send you pictures of me in Rio.

Your Friend,


Fantasy Intestines #4
This Painting is for Children who have trouble with their intestines. Not Seth, just someone else. From history to the future. Some Kids need I.V. every month for colitis. Seth does not need I.V. I did I.V. in 2003 to go to sleep for wisdom teeth. This painting is on the cover of Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disorders.

#425- The Orange Fantasy Dolphin in the Night Sky.
The Dolphin has Different Hues of Yellows, Daffodils, Bananas, Pineapples, Lemons, Yellow Squashes, Mangoes,
Mango Sherbets, Grapefruits, Yellow Bell Peppers, Potatoes, French Fries, Tater Tots, Hash Browns, Latkes, Potato Chips, Yellow Watermelons, Yellow Roses, Sunflowers, Dandelions, Corns, Corn Chips, Corn Cakes, Corn Puddings, Taco Shells, Tortilla Chips, Nachos, Butters, Butter Flavored Popcorns, Corn Pancakes, Corn Muffins, Swiss Cheeses, Banana Cream Pies, Banana Puddings, Yellow Cake Frostings, Lemonades, Yellow Sun, Yellow Venus, Honey, Cheesecakes, Yellow Fireworks, Oranges, Orange Popsicles, Orange Juices, Orangeades, Orange Drinks, Orange Sodas, Tangerines, Cantaloupes, Macaroni and Cheeses, American Cheeses, Cheddar Cheeses, Carrots, Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Carrot Soups, Apricots, Marmalades, Goldfishes, Goldfish Cheese Crackers, Orange Bell Peppers, Orange Cake Frostings, Orange Sherbets, Marigolds, Orange Poppies, Orange Fireworks and Whites. The Dolphin feels excited and gleeful.

#427- Violet Fantasy Chinese Dragon with Light Blue Front of Neck and Coral Wings

#428 -Golden Yellow Fantasy Dragon Jumping and Flying
The Dragon's Skin has Different Hues of Yellows, Golden Pears and Yellow Pears. The Wings has new design. The new design is Silver. The Silver is shiny. The Claws are Silver. The Mouth and Nostrils are Purple. The Tongue is Hot Pink. The Dragon feels excited. The Dragon is jumping and flying in the air.

Abstract in Oil 08-13-2010
The Squiggly Lines have different hues of purples, violets, lilacs, purple grapes, purple grape juices, purple grape jellies, purple pansies, purple clouds in the night sky and purple fireworks. The Wavy Lines have different hues of light greens, ice greens, mint greens, lime sherberts, green leaves from the tree, light green cake frostings, and blues, blue skies, blue cake frostings and blue fireworks. The Shapes feel excited and gleeful. I feel enthusiastic and glad.

The Shiny Blue Fantasy Dragon
The Dragon's skin has different hues of blues, blue plums, blueberries, blue poppies, blue pansies, blue oceans, blue lakes, blue skies, blue cake frostings and blue fireworks. The Dragon's wings have different hues of yellows, yellow cake frostings, yellow lemons, yellow daffodils, yellow bananas, yellow lemonades, yellow corns, yellow squashes, yellow Big Birds, yellow rubber duckies, yellow skies, yellow suns, yellow autumn leaves and yellow fireworks. The Dragon feels proud and thrilled.

Tangerine Orange Fantasy Dragon
The Dragon has different hues of tangerines, oranges, orange popsicles, orangeades, orange drinks, carrots, orange suns, orange cake frostings, orange sherbets, orange autumn leaves, orange skies, orange fires and orange fireworks. The Dragon's Tongue is magenta. The Scales have textures. The Dragon feels gleeful and enthusiastic.

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