The 2 Self-Studies are going to Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine in Kiev.  The Rest of Self-Studies are staying in my house. Your Friend, Seth.

#11. "Self Study in Black and White"
 62 x 52” 
Acrylic on Canvas
 Self-study #3 has tones of gray. Dark on the left side and light on the right side. This painting is grow your brain. The hair has curly lines and wavy lines. I feel glad and astonished. I like using drawings from my sketchbook.

#16, “Self Study in Slate Blue” 
 acrylic on canvas
 62 x 52"
 I Painted 1. light, medium & dark value 2. I Feel Proud and happy. 3. I drew the Forms w/Graphite and conte' crayon.

#18, "Self Study in Blue/Green"
acrylic on canvas
62 x 52
Awesome! i feel comfort. i used different tones of Blue Green. i Painted 7 self Portraits
#12, Small Self Study in Black and White
acrylic on canvas
36 x 36
Self-study #2 has different noses. This painting was very hard to make. I used acrylic paint with many paintbrushes. I sketched from other Self-studies. I used parts of face to make contrast of grays. I feel tired and happy.

#017 Six Self Studies
acrylic on canvas
70 x 84
I Feel relaxed. 07/29/05; I feel concerned. 08/04/05; I feel relaxed- I finished hair. 08/05/05 Worried; Excited. I Feel Thrilled. 07/29/05; I feel independent. 07/30/05. Confused; Happy. I am astonished. 07/28/05; I feel Proud. 07/30/05. Sad.

#054 Red Orange Self Study with Horses and Striped Background
acrylic on board
15 x 30
A) The Grid has Background Colors. The Horses have Many of Colors. The Horses are Animation. The Horses are Walking. The Horse has Mane, Eye, Lips, Hooves, & Tail. The Horses feel Enthusiastic, & Glad. I feel Thrilled. The Self-Study has Gradations from Dark to Light. The Self-Study has Many of Reds, & Oranges. The Self-Study has Gradations of Hair, & Face from Dark to Light. B) Half grid, half self-study same one. Smaller than the big canvas. Red-orange lights and darks. Details of horses have mane and tail, eyes and lips. The background is lines in different colors. I like the painting – feels astonished.

#055 Self Study, Blue I
acrylic on board
8 x 8
The painting has shapes of blue. Lights and shadows with white line. Small self-study makes you feel glad and thrilled.

#056 Self Study, Blue II
acrylic on board
8 x 8
This self-study is bigger than other self-study on blue canvas. More lines with neck. I lke this because of the shapes and white line. This painting makes me feel good.

#57 Self Study,  Red
acrylic on board
12 x 12
This self-study is hard. I used acrylic paint, pencil and wash.The ears have lobes. The eyes have eyebrows and eyelashes. The wash is on the right side of face and neck. The background is acrylic wash. I like to do the wash with rags. The red is enthusiastic and thrilled. I feel proud.

#058 Small Self Study in Black and White
acrylic on board
12 x 12
Black and white self-study on small canvas is hard work. The canvas has one to ten values of gray. From shadow to light, from background to foreground. The face has different shapes and light, medium and dark grays. I like this painting. It is hard to do self-studies. I feel proud and amused.

#263 Self-Study w/Electric Power Windmills
Acrylic on canvas
The Self-Study has many different tones of Gray. The Self-Study feels happy! I am proud about this Self-Study with Electric Power Windmills! The Self-Study has Gradations. I am 25 years old in this Self-Study! The Self-Study has contrasts, dark, medium and light. There are 24 Electric Power Windmills in this painting! The Electric Power Windmills are all moving! The Electric Power Windmills feel excited! I feel happy about this painting! The Sky is Blue and has no clouds. The Windmills are in the Sky!
#368 Blue Self-Study
acrylic wash on paper
23.75 x 17.75

#369 3 Self-Studies
graphite on canvas panel
10 x 20

#378 Self-Study w/ Electric Power Windmills
graphite on cardboard
9.5 x 23.75

#383 Self-Study
graphite w/acrylic wash on paper
24 x 18

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