Me in my studio and Oregon

This is my studio in my house.  I am painting and sculpting.  We went to Oregon. 

Your Friend, 


I am holding the palette and doing the trees in front of buildings.

I continued the trees

I continued the more trees

I am doing the house for Curacao

I am holding the house.  It is not finished

I am holding the Griffin. 

This Griffin is flying in the air

The Chupacabra is a mythological creature.  The Chupacabra is a spanish goat sucker.  Not finished. 

The Chupacabra has golden back spines

Debra and Seth in front of the pacific ocean

Seth in front of Jellyfish in the Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Jellyfish is swimming in the tank

Moon Jellyfish

Seth and the school of fish

Grouper.  Many fishes are in the deep water. 

Groupers in the deep water. Glass tunnel  

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