Finished Paintings, Squiggles Abstract and Tuscany and a Staircase of Tiles

Yitzchak is coming Sunday from Jerusalem to see my art. Party.  Michele is coming from Curacao in July to see my art. Party.  Michele will pick the paintings will go to show in Curacao in November 2011 in her Gallery.  I finished Abstract In Oil 06-18-2011.  I continued Tuscany Landscape #3 in Italy.  I want to go to Italy.  Here is Rio de Janeiro Staircase in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I like color. 

     Your Friend,


#467 Fantasy Hippocampus Walking on the Ocean Floor with Coral Reef, 5/31/11, Acrylic and Graphite on paper, 29.5 x 41
The coral reef has different patterns and shapes. I used Pencil and Acrylic paint. Half horse, half fish. Different hues of blues. The hippocampus makes you feel enthusiastic and peaceful. 

#464 The Curaçao Waterfront 5/23/11 Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 66
 The Fantasy Buildings, Awnings and People have Multicolors. The 2 Boats are in the Ocean. The Trees are in front of the Fantasy Buildings. The Sky has Clouds have volume. The Clouds have Different Tones of White and Gray. The Sea has Different of Teals. This is Willemstad, Curacao.

#466, 3 dolphins, 5/25/11, Acrylic on Paper, 20.5 x 29.5

The 3 Dolphins are in the Ocean.  The 3 Dolphins are swimming.  They feel peaceful and enthusiastic.  I like Dolphins.

#463 The Green Fantasy Dolphin in the Night Sky 7/9/10, Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 24 
The Fantasy Dolphin has Different Hues of Yellow-Greens, Lime Greens, Green Grapes, Green Apples, Green Leaves, Green Trees, Forest Greens, Ferns, Bushes, Green Plants, Green Cake Frostings, Green Fireworks, Green Lasers, Grass Greens and Green Flower Stems. The Sea has waves. The Dolphin jumped up with Teal Splash. The Night Sky has Moon and Stars. The Dolphin feels peaceful and gleeful. I feel enthusiastic and excited.

I am doing the brushstrokes
I am holding The Abstract in Oil 06-18-2011

I continued Tuscany Landscape #3
I will finish The Tuscany Landscape #3
Seth is in The Rio de Janeiro Staircase of Tiles

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