Michele Russel came to my house from Curacao

Michele Russel came to my house from Curacao. Party! My art is going to Curacao. Michele will take 24 paintings, 4 drawings, 4 cutouts, and 10 sculptures. I feel Happy. Michele brought me gifts. A painted Lady. Steel Drums on a CD. I like the painted lady. I like the steel drums. Michele is my friend. Here are my new paintings. This is me drawing Grand Central Station. Here are my new Dolphin paintings. This is me in Rio with a painted cow. This is me with a painted horse in Buenos Aires. Here are color houses in Buenos Aires.

     Your Friend,


The Abstract in Oil
oil on canvas
18 x 24
The squiggles have multicolors. The squiggles go under and over the shapes. I worked a long time on this painting. It was fun. I like this painting.
Abstract Coral
oil on canvas
30 x 16
The Abstract Coral is one Coral. The Different Abstract shapes are on the foreground and patterns are different shapes. Patterns are Grow your brain. There are Multicolored patterns. I like the black lines around the shapes. I feel glad about this painting. Coral is from the ocean.

Fantasy Griffin #3 Is Flying in the Air
acrylic on oven-baked clay
6.5 x 14 x 6
The Griffin has Yellow-Green and Neon Coral Stripes and Pink Feet and Neon Green Head and Orange Beak and Orange Front Feet. The Griffin’s Wings have new patterns. Grow Your Brain.  The Griffin feels enthusiastic. I feel thrilled.

I started Grand Central Station drawing 
I continued Grand Central Station drawing. 

2 men and a woman.

The Eagle, The Clock and other things. Gradations. Tones. 

The Red Dolphin on Light Blue Background.

The Light Blue Dolphin on Red Background. 

The Diagonal Lines Marks Color Dolphin. 
The Multicolored Stripes Dolphin. 
The Multicolored Circles Dolphin

The cow in Rio De Janeiro

Seth and The designing cow. Heart on side of the cow. 

The second design cow. 

Seth and the second design cow. 

Buenos Aires Argentina and the first design pattern horse. 

Seth and the blue and yellow horse. 

Fantasy buildings

Building with staircase and 2 floors. Different designs and patterns

Doors on first floor and second floor. Window and doors.

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