I am doing Mythic creatures For Cleveland Museum of Natural History

           Mythic creatures at Cleveland Museum Of Natural History. I Finished the Venice, Italy. The water replaced the streets. Venice Italy With Gondolier, and The Venetian Canals. To go to Venice for Art shows in Italy. And Mythic Creatures Art show at CMNH in March 2012. I am painting the Kraken. I am painting the Roc. I continued the Sea Serpent. Amphisbaena is a two headed dragon. We are going to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. My art show has 52 drawings and paintings. I feel gleeful and thrilled!   

      Your Friend, 


I am painting the Venice buildings. 

I am painting the roof line 

I feel gleeful about the Venetian Canal Painting

I am painting the boats

I Finished the Venetian Canal 

I am painting the clouds are in the sky. 

I continued. The clouds are in the sky.

I finished the clouds are in the sky in the Kraken painting. 
I am painting the ocean

I continued The Kraken Painting. 

I started The Roc painting
I continued The Roc. 
I am painting the Sea Serpent.

I am painting the clouds are in the sky. Amphisbaena

The Amphisbaena feels enthusiastic

I am finished the clouds are in the daytime sky in the desert. I love Mythic Creatures. 

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