I am on Facebook! I have a Twitter! I am in a Dutch Newspaper!

        I am on Facebook. I want lots of friends. I have a Twitter too! Follow me @SethChwast.  I am in Amigoe two times. Amigoe is a Dutch Newspaper in Curaçao. I am on the Front Page!   I am painting and drawing Icons of Venice, Italy. I am painting Venetian canals, Venetian skylines, and bright buildings.  Like Disney. 2 more days until New Year! We are going to Little Cayman in January. There is no snow in Cayman. There is no Autumn leaves in Cayman. There are no trees have changing color leaves in Cayman. I will walk on the beach. I will walk in the Ocean and sit in the Jacuzzi. We will see Frigate birds from the Hammock.  I feel peaceful.

Your Friend,

I am in the Amigoe Newspaper in Curaçao.
Manhattan Floating in the East River is  on page 4 of the Amigoe. 

Fantasy Griffin. Is not finished. 
One Big Blue Whale with Seven Whale friends.
Three whales are in background. One whale is in middle ground. One whale's tail is bottom left corner.
 Top left is one part of whale. Whales face is on top right,  

Venetian Canal in Venice Italy with Buildings. River and reflections and waves.  
Venetian Canals in Venice Italy with boats and Stairs from land to the river. 

Venice Italy with Gondolas and guys doing the boats. 

Venice Italy Drawing with stairs, bridge, boat and buildings. 

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