We are going to Mythic Creatures at the CMNH

     Seth's art did go to the CMNH. 54 Paintings and Sculptures. They will be at CMNH until Sunday, June 3rd. I feel gleeful about CMNH. I am working on the Icons of Venice Italy. I am working on Venetian Canals. I am working on the Sun for NASA. I am working on the Kangaroo to put in Seth Dreams. We went to Boston in February 2012 and Oregon in March 2012. We will see Memphis Ballet the Broadway play at Playhouse Square center on Sunday March the 11th, 2012. Memphis Ballet is tomorrow night. I will have a book signing at Monarch. 

     Your Friend, 


I am painting the Venetian Canal 
I am working on Australian Kangaroo

Australian Kangaroo is Jumping

I am working on The Sun

I am working on Venetian Canal with reflections

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