I went to Cayman March 2012!

I went to Little Cayman in March 2012. Debra and Amy and Seth. We Saw fishes in a Submarine. I feel enthusiastic! I saw the Stingrays. We saw many fishes. Sherry and Seth went to the Point of Sand. I swam in the Ocean. Debra and Amy and Seth had Fun in Little Cayman. My Birthday was March 30th. I feel proud. I love Little Cayman. I want to go back to Little Cayman.

Your Friend,


Amy and Seth outside with Submarine

Debra, Amy and Seth are in the Submarine

We are 108 feet underwater

Fishes are swimming in the Ocean. I feel gleeful!

Fishes are swimming in the Ocean 
Coral Reef and a fish in the Ocean

Coral Reef and a Barracuda

Many fishes  underwater

Amy and Seth are in Little Cayman on the Beach

Amy and Seth feel gleeful

Amy and Seth are on the beach

Debra, Amy, Sherry, and Seth are at the Southern Cross Club 

Amy, Sherry, and Seth are outside the Southern Cross Club

Sherry and I

Amy and Seth are on the Pier. 

Amy and Seth are by the Palm Tree. 

Amy is showering.

Seth is showering

Happy Birthday party for Seth! New Friends Are Everywhere!

My Birthday Cake

Seth and Amy are proud!

Iguana. I gave to Fernando. I feel proud. 

I am back in Cleveland. I am working on the Humpback Whale. I feel Excited and Peaceful. 


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