I go to the United Nations and I get an Award!

      I went to The United Nations on Tuesday April 3rd. My friends came to the United Nations. Francis and Isabelle, my cousin Bertie, Rita Cosby and Tomaczek, my cousin Seymour Chwast, Kip Jacobs, Shari and Michael Goldberg, and Ray and Annie Floch. I am a jumbo first day cover. We bought lots of stamps. I feel Gleeful. My stamp is on a big poster. Kip Took photos. No Photos of Kip. I painted with Kip in Brooklyn. We had fun. I feel happy. New York again in June. 

Your Friend, 


Me and Amy are at The United Nations on Tuesday

Me and Amy and Francis and Bertie and Rita Cosby and Tomaczek

Bob Wright and Suzanne Wright are talking

Bob Wright and Suzanne Wright are on the big screens

Debra is in the middle. There are lots of people. 
Rita and Tomaczek and Bertie are my Friends. 

Toni Braxton is at The United Nations

Shari Goldberg came to The United Nations

Debra is with Rita Cosby and Bob Wright

Debra and Seth and Rita and Dee Tavares

This is me and Mom and Amy

This is me and my poster

This is me and Amy and my poster

This is Saint George and the Dragon

Mom and Francis are at the Bangladesh Embassy

Mom and Francis are with Shari Goldberg

Mom and Francis and Shari feel happy

I feel happy

There are lots of people and lots of food

I have a goat cheese snack

I love goat cheese

We had fun

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