I went to New York for Art Omi! My paintings are at 148 East 24th Street in New York.

We went to New York City. I worked with Kip Jacobs in his studio in Brooklyn. I am working on the Grand Central Station painting, The Washington Square Archway, and The Sun for NASA.  I feel proud. We walked around many of blocks. My painting of New York New York Left side with Crane, and Right side with bridge are at 148 East 24th Street in New York. We went to restaurants. We went Nice Matin. I ate steak. We went to many plays. Debra, Lynda, and Seth saw Evita, Peter and the Star Catcher, Once, and Nice Work if You Can Get it. We went on the stage before Once. I feel gleeful and excited. I am working very hard. I feel peaceful and enthusiastic!

Your Friend,


I am drawing the Grand Central Station

I am signing the Grand Central Station painting. 

I am working on the Washington Square Archway

4 Suns

The Sun for NASA

I am painting the eyes for NASA

I am in Kip's Studio. I feel calm.

New York New York is Acrylic on canvas. My paintings are at 148 East 24th Street in New York.  

New York New York Diptych, left and right. I feel proud. 

The Washington Square Archway and The Cyclone.

Kip is standing next to the Cyclone.

The Coney Island Cyclone.

The Flatiron Building and Coney Island Cyclone is at 148 East 24th street in New York, New York.

I am painting the scales on the Hippocampus Silkscreens.

I am almost finished with scales. 

I am making many Hippocampus Silkscreens. I have 100.  I feel proud. 

I am making a face on a Computer Tablet. I am excited. 

Evita Playbill. 

Peter and the Star Catcher Playbill. 
Once Playbill. 

Debra and Seth are at Once. We are excited.

Debra and Bertie are at Sardi's. They are happy. 

Debra and Lynda are happy. 

This is Seth and Debra. We went on stage at Once. I feel gleeful. 

Nice Work If You Can Get It. We had fun. 

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