My art came back home from CMNH! I am at ChamberFEST!

My art came back home from The Cleveland Museum of Natural History! Mythic Creatures Mural and many Mythic Creature paintings are at my house. Sculptures and paintings are everywhere. Mythic Creatures at CMNH makes me happy.  I feel proud! I am at ChamberFest with Debra at Franklin's House. Franklin and Diana Cohen are my friends. Dimitri Murrath and Seth is in front of Big Bang Painting. I feel enthusiastic about the Big Bang painting. It is at the Cleveland Institute of Music. I made new friends at CIM. I went to Neil Diamond at the Q, also known as Quicken Loans Arena. I went with Bob and Lynda. There were 17,000 people. There was a lot of people. I had fun! I feel gleeful. I will go Memphis, Tennessee; San Diego, California; Boston, Massachusetts; and Austin, Texas. I feel peaceful.

Your Friend,


Seth and CMNH Truck. It has all my paintings. I feel proud. 
Seth and Molly. Molly is a friend. I feel happy. 

I am working on  Manhattan Floating in the East River Silkscreens with Gouache. I will do 10 Artist Proofs.

Seth at Franklin Cohen's house. I am listening to music. I feel peaceful.

Seth and Mary Beth Karakul at Cleveland Institute of Music. I am signing my poster. 

Seth and The Big Bang Painting at The Cleveland Institute of Music. I feel excited!

Seth and Jeff Chaney at CIM.

Amy, Seth and Jeff at CIM. 

Amy, Seth and Debra. We are happy. 

Seth and Debra is in front of the Big Bang. We are proud. 

Seth and Dimitri Murrath

Seth and Diana Cohen

Tom Taxman and Seth at CIM.  

Bob and Seth are at Neil Diamond at the Q. 

We are dancing. There are many people. I feel enthusiastic

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