Cubism and Cayman

I am holding the humpback whale vertebrate on the Whale Watching boat.  I feel glad!

Molly and Seth are standing on the dock in front of the Boston skyline.  We feel proud and thrilled.

I am sitting next to Fantasy Salmon Abstract.  I feel proud and excited about this painting.

I am holding the Black Eyed Susans with Sherrie Zagorc.  My painting will live at Sherrie's house.  Sherrie feels proud and excited!
Molly and Seth are standing outside near my house.  It is autumn.  Molly is wearing the raccoon hat. 

Seth and Debra are on the sunset cruise.  We feel thrilled and enthusiastic!

Debra, Molly and I are sitting on the sunset cruise with sunset background.

I am standing with Kristian in the sunset cruise.

The sunset has different hues of sands, pinks, blush pinks, tans, coffees and oranges.

I am standing next to Sherry.  We are going to snorkel at the Point of Sand.

This sunset is beautiful.
Seth and Chris with Wahoo fish on the pier in Little Cayman.  We feel gleeful and peaceful!

Chris is cleaning the Wahoo fish for dinner with many of boats are on the Caribbean Sea.  I feel enthusiastic and proud!

The tarpon is swimming in the shallow water in the Caribbean Sea.  The beach is flesh, tan and coffee.  I feel happy and glad!

Portrait of Molly Smiling.  Molly's eyes are blue and green.  Molly's lips are red.  The background is yellow.  I feel excited and peaceful!

Portrait of Molly's Left and Front Views.  The hair is straight, wavy, and curly.  Cubism is an avant-garde art movement!

Portrait of Molly with Glasses.

Seth and Holden are standing on the dock.

The Portrait of Holden.  The Holden feels proud and gleeful.  Seth and Holden are best friends.


  1. Seth, love your work! You are talented. We are happy to have your work join our on permanent exhibition in Nashville. Yay!

  2. Whoops! Editing! *ours