I met Helen Prejean. Helen wrote the movie Deadman Walking based on her life. I feel proud and enthusiastic! Your Friend, Seth

Helen, Debra and I are standing on the Sunset Cruise in Little Cayman. Helen feels proud and happy. Helen is a nun. Helen wrote Dead Man Walking. 
Debra feels proud and glad. Seth and Helen are friends. Debra, Seth and Helen had fun in Little Cayman.

Fantasy far away birds have multi-colors. The fantasy far away birds are flying in the sky. The birds have many wings. The birds feel peaceful and excited. This drawing is beautiful!
The Energetic Kinesiology book by Charles Krebs. My artwork is on the cover of the book. I feel gleeful about this book.

We are going to the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota on September 25th. We will see White Cloud the Albino Buffalo. The Albino Buffalo is standing on the grass. The mountains are in the background. The sky has many clouds. The albino buffalo feels glad and excited. This painting is beautiful. I feel happy and enthusiastic about this painting. 

The fantasy toucan bird is an exotic bird. The toucan lives in the rainforest.  The toucan feels thrilled and excited. The toucan has beak has chartreuses, oranges, purples, blues, green apples and crimson lakes.
2 Rainbow Parrot Birds facing each other. The parrot has many reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, aquas, purples and violets. The parrot feels glad and gleeful. I feel proud and excited about this drawing. This drawing is beautiful.
Molly and I are sitting on the table in front of the golden conch awards. We feel proud and gleeful!
Molly and I are holding the golden conch shell at the Oscar Party. We won most unique couple award.
I am drawing the far away fantasy birds #2. I feel thrilled and glad about this drawing.
I will draw more far away fantasy birds in the gazebo in Little Cayman. I feel peaceful and happy about this drawing!

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