We are going to Australia! We went to Gwynedd Mercy University. We had fun!

We are going to France on Friday.  We will stay with Lenny Schechter in the Loire Valley.  Charles Krebs invited us to Australia!  We will talk at the Mindd Conference in Australia.

Debra and I are in Philadelphia speaking at Gwynedd Mercy University.  I feel calm, comfortable and tranquil.

Debra and I are laughing.  It was fun showing people my art!

Many people clapped.  We answered questions from the audience.  I feel famous!

Debra and I took a picture with Gwynedd Mercy University students and Deborah and Bernadette.  My art is on the t-shirts!  Light It Up Blue!  I feel excited!

I am standing with the three dolphin paintings.  I feel proud and thrilled.

I passed out business cards and made new friends.

I met many new people at Gwynedd Mercy University.  They like my art!

My hibiscus painting is going to France!  I feel glad and excited!  Big trip to France!

The Fantasy Far Away Birds painting from Little Cayman.  Some birds are closer and some birds are far away!
The Fantasy Far Away Tropical Birds paintings from Little Cayman.  The birds are flying in flocks.  I feel proud, excited and peaceful!
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