My First Trip To France - We live at Lenny's house - We go to a Wine Cave - We hang my art

This is Lenny's house in Gien in the Loire Valley.

Lenny is from Brooklyn. Lenny makes Coney Island french fries.

Lenny, Noah, and I are at the canal.

This is a chateau.

We are at a restaurant. I am next to the poster for my exhibition.

We are at the Loire River.

We are at the Wine Cave.

We are going into the Wine Cave.

We are in the Wine Cave.

They gave us goat cheese in the Wine Cave.

Here we are looking at goat cheese.

Lenny's friend is a beekeeper. This barn is from 1400.

My exhibition is at the Gien mediateque.

Here I am next to my poster.

We brought 40 paintings to Gien.

Lionel helped us hang the paintings.

This is the bridge from Lenny's house into Gien.

Here are old houses.

There are lots of desserts.
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