Malek comes for dinner - Posters in Lenny's house - Walking in the street - We visit Lucy

We are having dinner at Lenny's house.

Malek came for french fries and hamburgers with onions. Rocking Malek is in Lenny's band.

Lenny's band is Tournee Generale. It means "Drinks are on the house." Lenny knows lots of musicians. This poster is in his house.
This is Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash. Lenny took this picture in Greenwich Village in the 1960's. Joni asked Lenny to teach Graham photography. Lenny is a photographer. His photos were on the inside of the back cover of Mad Magazine.
Lenny knows many artists. One of his friends made Groucho Marx. I like Lenny's house.
This is the office of Malek and Francois.

They will do a concert with Lenny at my exhibition. I feel gleeful.
Francois is an architect. He is in Lenny's band. He lives with 8 families at The Heart. He is my friend.
Everybody likes John Belushi.
This is Lenny. All these posters are in the office.

We go to the tree museum.

We walk in the streets.

This is me.

This is Noah.

Mom likes these trees.
We went to a 12th century market.

Black is a horse. Lucy is Lenny's daughter. Black lives with Lucy.

Here is Black and Lucy and the children.
Lucy's children are in Jardins Du Coeur.
Your Friend,

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