Reporters come to my exhibition - We go to Chateau de Sully - We go to Alain's home - Chateau de Sully again - Restaurant

This reporter came to take photos of my exhibition.
Here he is taking photos of me and my art.

Alain is Lenny's friend. He is a French chef. He is a journalist. He lived in Australia for 13 years.

This is me and 3 paintings of the Loire Valley Chateaus. I have 2 more at home.

Lenny and mom and I are happy and thrilled and enthusiastic.

This is a French cake.

The Chateau De Sully is near our house.
I love the Chateau De Sully.
Mom loves the Chateau De Sully.

Me, Lenny, and Noah feel happy.

The Chateau is old.
We are walking with Alain by the Loire River.

We went to Alain's house. Alain makes paper mache animals.

Here is a porcupine.

I love Alain's animals.

Francois is an architect. He is in Lenny's band. Francois invited us to The Heart. 8 families live here. Here are the people who live here.
They have 2 horses.

We went back to Chateau De Sully.

I feel happy.

The restaurant has La Dolce Vita.
The restaurant has Rocking Malek. Malek is my friend.

We went to lunch. Chocolate mousse is a desert.

Noah had creme brule.

Lenny and his band play in this restaurant. Everybody knows Lenny.

Your Friend,

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