My last post from France. Lenny's tree, Chambord, Music at my exhibition, Lenny is my friend

We are in Lenny's backyard.

Lenny said: "This is my oldest friend and my newest friend." The tree is Lenny's oldest friend. The tree is 300 years old. I am Lenny's new friend.

We went to Chambord.

Chambord is big.

We walked a long time.
We are at the Cayeux Iris Gardens near Lenny's house.
Every day there are more iris.

We went to a restaurant. Lenny and his band sing in this restaurant.

Francois came to play at my exhibition.

7 people from Lenny's band came to play at my exhibition.
Malek and Francois are singing.

We had a party at Lenny's house. Alain brought flowers dipped in doughnut batter. We ate the flowers.

Here is Alain in front of the flower tree. The flowers are white.

I have a meringue Mickey Mouse with dark chocolate ears.
We go to the butcher shop.

We went to Parc Asterix. We rode the rollercoasters.

We went to Futuroscope. It is like Disney. We went up in the sky.
This is us looking down. We went very high.

We could see far away.
I want to come back to France. Lenny is my friend. Malek, Francois, and Alain are my friends. I want to do everything again.

Your Friend,

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