This is me at the Firefish Festival, at Artsyism, with Herb Ascherman and White North Stables

I am standing next to 3 Swimming Sea Turtles with Yellow Stones, 4 Sea Turtles, and 1 Big Fish With Stones in the Ocean.

I am standing next to The 2 Cayman Groupers at FireFish Festival in Lorain, Ohio.

I am standing next to The Big Whale Shark.

I am standing between Sun Coral Abstract and Eye of the Trumpetfish.

I am standing next to Benggai Cardinalfish in the Sea Grass. I feel gleeful!

I am standing between Long Tentacle Purple Anemone and Ring-Eye Dwarf Goby.

I am standing between Maldives Anemone in the Green and Purple Coral and Goby in a Forest of Polyps.

I am standing between A Colony of Perophora Namei Ascidians in Indonesia and 8 Blue Whales.

I am at Artsyism with Shari Goldberg in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I feel calm, comfort, and tranquil.
I am behind Bullets Over Broadway at Playhouse Square.

I am with Mom behind Bullets Over Broadway. I feel thrilled and peaceful!
Herb took my picture at Cleveland Music School Settlement with Holden and Lori.

I am standing next to a horse at White North Stables. The horse feels calm, comfort, and tranquil.
Your Friend,

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