These are the last photos from France. We are still in Little Cayman. We are happy.

This is Château de Sully-sur-Loire.

This chateau is near Lenny's house. 

We went to the Machines of the Isle of Nantes in Nantes, France, near the Atlantic. We came for the 40 foot mechanical elephant. We saw lots of mechanical animals.

The man is riding the dragon.

This is me in front of the ant. Six people sit on the ant. Mom and I sat on the ant and made him move.

Mom  did the front legs. I sat behind her.
Here is the video of us on the ant. It is 20 seconds. We had fun!

Here is the second video of us on the ant. It is 11 seconds. I feel gleeful!

This is a mechanical animal.

This is a tree. It will be finished in 2020. It will be very big. The ants that we drove on will crawl on the tree. I want to come back to see the ants crawl on the giant tree.

This is me in front of the elephant. Water comes out of his trunk. He makes elephant sounds.

This is how we get inside the elephant.

The elephant has lots of carvings.

This is me in front of the elephant. I feel thrilled and happy!

We went to the Natural History Museum.

We went to see drawings of the fish of Australia.

I like these fish.

I want to go to Australia.

This is where we ate lunch. This is a post card. When the river floods it comes into the restaurant. It comes up to the tables and you cannot eat.
I want to come back to France many of times. We are happy with France and the chateaus and Lenny and all his friends and all his music.
Your Friend,

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