We are in Little Cayman with Lenny. Here we are in France in November and December with Lenny and Noah.

This is me and Noah in France. We had fun with Noah in France.

We saw lots of chateaus.

This is the Amboise Chateau Royal.

This is Chenonceau at night. Mom loves Chenonceau.
This is the Hotel Tatin.

They make a famous apple tart.

We went to the candy store and the bakery.

We saw the fields.

We went back to La Borne Pottery Museum.
Mom loves the baby dinosaur. Last year she almost bought an elephant. I like the baby dinosaur.

This potter is Lenny's friend.

This is me with Noah. Noah will come back to France.

This is me in France.

We saw the sunset.

Lenny has another friend at La Borne.

Lenny's friend has a mill.  He has many old cars.

This is the flour sack inside the mill. The grain comes out of the funnel. Lenny built the dam for this mill. We had fun!
We are happy. We will send more photos next week.
Your Friend,

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