My art is going to Vienna, to The Steiner Gallery, for December 2017! I feel gleeful! We went to a goat farm. Lenny made mussels and fries. Lenny has a hazelnut tree. We made blue ice cubes. We met Beatrice at the lake. Alain made hard boiled eggs. Lenny and his band had lunch at Les Coeurs. Noah was in their band. It is a benefit for a hospital in Togo. Togo is in Africa in the very far South. Here am I back in Cleveland at the Pooka Festival.

We are at the goat farm. We will get goat cheese.

The goats are in the farm.

Lenny made french fries with potatoes. He made mussels from the sea. He made lamb chops for me.

Lenny has a hazelnut tree. My job is to pick up hazelnuts from the ground every morning. I like to eat the hazelnuts.

I made blue polar bear ice cubes. We made blue ice cubes every day.

We saw a house with a mural painted on it.

I am standing next to l'Etang. We came to see Beatrice.

I am holding the drink with Noah and Beatrice.

 I like the drink at the Restaurant de l'etang des Bois.

Beatrice has her art at the restaurant.

Alain made the eggs for the band rehearsal dinner on Friday night at Les Coeurs.

This is lunch at Les Coeurs for the rehearsal on Saturday.

We had good food at Les Coeurs. Chicois cooked.

This is a video of Lenny and the band playing at the benefit. It is 2 minutes and 58 seconds. You will see Lenny and Noah and me and people dancing at the benefit.

Lenny and Phil and Chicois and Noah and Yoyo and Jacko are playing at the benefit gig. The benefit is for a hospital in Togo.

Togo is in Africa. It is very far South. Endangered animals are in Africa.

Lenny, Noah and the band are on the stage.

I am sitting at the table at Pooka Festival in Bedford, Ohio. Sandy Spinks brought us here.

I am sitting at the table. My paintings, prints, and books are at the Pooka Festival.

I am standing with the mayor of Bedford, Stanley C. Koci and a belly dancer. I feel peaceful, gleeful, and enthusiastic!

Your Friend,

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