We are going to Vienna! First Vienna, later Venice. Beatrice is writing articles about me. Here she is writing about my blue Hippocampus. Here I am with Beatrice at Malek's party. We went to Alain's house for a party. I helped with firewood. We ate at Sancerre. We went to Chenonceau. Here are the cows that live next door to Lenny's house.

"What a privilege to have met Seth and Debra. Thank you for coming to see me by the lake
In my gallery in the restaurant of l’Etang des Bois.I love all your pictures.
 Today, I choose the Hyppocampe.
I feel this most powerful picture is your soul arch or rainbow able to carry the rest of your stories and ours.
Art, is not just free expression. Art , abstract or representational  is about awareness, consciousness, and from such a deep feel , springs the structured image, the vision, the symbolic image which connects all inner and outer elements, in utter precision and unity . Thus, what we call intuition and freedom is a precise architecture we release when opening our hearts.

This Hyppocampe is blue, like your soul, like an ocean of the same essence with a curly head gendering the birth of a star, within a golden rule, breaking free from the mattrix of the universe, just to be aware, just to be.

This magical hyppocampe leans over infinity,  the universe, like a rainbow, embracing it all. The tension is as much as tender as powerful , life nurturing, sheltering. The tension is as joyful as painful  aiming to grasp, in one single curve or leap, the essential."

I am standing with Beatrice. Beatrice is holding her painting. We are at Malek's couscous party at Les Coeurs.

Malek made a couscous lunch.

Alain, Seth, Debra and Lenny are holding a big fish made with paper mache by Alain.
Debra is holding the giant eclair at Alain's house. Alain made lunch and 7 desserts.

We are at Lenny's house. The wood is for the fireplace for winter.

We are in Sancerre at the l'Esplanade restaurant. 

Noah and Lenny had lots of desserts.

I feel gleeful about the restaurant l'Esplanade. Noah and Seth are sitting at the table.

I am standing in front of La Maison des Sancerre. We went to see the Sancerre 4D film with simulator ride, special effects and water effects.

Noah took this picture.

I like the buildings in France.

I like the old buildings in France.

I am standing in front of the gate at Chenonceau. 

I am standing over the canal next to the Loire.

The cows live across the road next to Lenny's house.

I like the cows.

Your Friend,

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