I am doing still lifes, clouds, grapes, a butterfly, and ceramic flowers. We went to New York.

This is me and Kristen and Nikki. I will do ceramics with Nikki and keep painting with Kristen.

I am painting the waves with light blue.

I finished a still life.

I am signing and dating my painting.

This is my Chakra painting.

We are buying tickets for Music Man with Hugh Jackman in New York in October 2020.

I am working on my cloud painting.

I am adding a roller coaster on my cloud painting.
I am painting roller coaster train with cars on my cloud painting.

I am doing details with interference blue on my grape painting.

The background is green.

I am starting a flower and butterfly painting.
I am painting the butterfly.
I am painting the butterfly wings.

The butterfly has black wings.
I am starting to sculpt flowers.

Noah, mom and I went to Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn, NYC.

Noah ate fish. We had steak. We all had dessert.

We went to see Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge had a windmill.

Moulin Rouge had a Blue Elephant.

We went to the Houdini Museum.

Noah and I are standing with the manikin at Houdini Museum.

We had fun!

We saw Tootsie at Marquis Theatre in NYC.

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