I went to Autism Speaks Chef's Gala! I made a Light it Up Blue Painting! I went to Austin Texas! I feel proud and honored!

We went to Light It Up Blue for The Chef's Gala with Autism Speaks with Seth, Debra, Lynda, Noah and Kip.  We met Suzanne and Bob Wright.  We met Michael Symon is a Shari's Friend.  I like Michael's Restaurants in Cleveland.  We met Jerry Storch.  Jerry owns Toys "R" Us.  I like the Ferris Wheel at Toys "R" Us in New York.  We met Rusty Hamlin.  Rusty is the Zac Brown Band.  Rusty is from Atlanta.  We met Neal Frazer.  He cooked our food at our table.  I painted my first Light It Up Blue painting.  I did Empire State Building and Mythic Creatures.

This is me and Mrs. Wright and Michael Symon and Miss New York USA.

This is me and Michael Symon in front of The Empire State Building Light It Up Blue Painting.

Jerry and Jacquie and Seth and Roberta.

Seth and Miss New York USA.

Seth and Miss New York USA will paint together in Brooklyn.  I feel thrilled.

Seth and a new friend.

Seth and Debra and Lynda.

Seth and a new friend.

Seth and 2 Chefs.  We are gleeful.

Me and The Empire State Building.

Seth and the 2 Chefs.

Seth and a Chef.

Seth and 2 more Chefs.

Seth and Neil Fraser from Los Angeles.  He cooked our food.  We had wonderful food.

Seth, Debra, Lynda and People.

They are filming an Interview in front of my painting.

Autism Speaks Event Lighting.  I feel honored.

Many of people came to Light It Up Blue.  I feel excited.

We went to the 21st Annual Texas Autism Conference in Austin, Texas.  I am in front of the 21st Annual Texas Autism Conference Sign at The Austin Convention Center.

I am standing with my book An Unexpected Life with Debra, Seth, Debbie Hosseini, Grant, Julie and Linda.  I like Austin.

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  1. My heart is always gladdened when I see what you have created, Seth, and know what your dearest mother has tenaciously facilitated for your ever epanding lifetime. And, I always recall your beloved grandfather, recognizing his role in this wondrous life story.