I Have a Book Signing tomorrow at the Coventry Library! I went the Marriott for Milestones! Rock Till it Stops is soon! I feel Proud!

 I am having a book signing at the Cleveland Heights - University Heights Library (Coventry Village 1925 Coventry Rd.) at 7 p.m.! Debra will be on IdeaStream at 12 Noon on Wednesday, November 7th. Debra will talk about our book An Unexpected Life.  Debra and I will go to the Cleveland Heights - University Heights Library at 7 p.m. We will see my DVD "A Different Kind of Journey". We will see a slideshow of my art in Galleries in Galapagos, Cayman, Curaçao, Kiev, The United Nations, and 55 5th Avenue, NYC. I will do a book signing. I feel gleeful. 

I went to The Milestones Tenth Anniversary Gala on Saturday, November 3rd. Lots of my paintings and sculptures went to the Gala. There are notecards with my art. I am painting two Guitars for The Rock Till It Stops for Autism Speaks at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday, November 17th. On November 23rd we go to the Cayman Islands. I feel enthusiastic. 

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Debra Chwast: An Unexpected LifeWed, Nov 7, 7 p.m.

"Join Debra Chwast and Seth Chwast for a book reading and signing. Diagnosed with severe autism as a toddler, Seth Chwast seemed trapped in his own insular universe. His family endured anguish, sought countless therapies, and almost gave up hope. Then at age 20, Seth took a painting class, and everything changed.  Cleveland Hts - Univ. Hts Public Library: Coventry Village  1925 Coventry Rd at 7 p.m.!"

I am working on the Drawing of the Guitar
I am getting ready to Spraypaint the Electric Guitar
I Spray Painted the Guitar

I used cake tips for my Other Guitar painting

I finished the Guitar Tracing. I feel Proud.

I am in the Cleveland Marriott East Hotel in Warrensville Heights, Ohio.

I am in front of the Hippocampus and the Griffin at the Marriott Hotel.
I am in front of a sketch of New York City buildings and the Manhattan Floating silk screen.
These are the four dolphins with Seth.

Three horse sculptures, one dragon sculpture and a hippocampus with King Poseidon

Seth and Ilana Hoffer Skoff and Mia Buchwald Gelles in front of Dolphin and Seal

Seth and Two Mythic Creature Mural Paintings

Seth and The Sculptures

I made an Abstract. I used Cake Decorating tips. 

I used Cake Frosting Tips. I feel Proud!

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