Seth and Debra were at Coventry Library! Debra is on WCPN's Around Noon! I have New Paintings! I went to Rock 'Til it Stops for Autism Speaks!

We went to Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library on Coventry.  I signed my book An Unexpected Life at the Library.  I feel proud. I went to Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum for Rock 'Til It Stops for Autism Speaks. I have my paintings of 2 guitars and 2 Silkscreens. I have a Hippocampus and a Manhattan Floating in the East River Silkscreen. I went to Beauty and the Beast with Debra, Molly and Jason. I had fun. I like Beauty and The Beast. I saw Beauty and The Beast at the Palace Theater at the Playhouse Square Center. I saw Beauty and the Beast On Broadway in NYC 1994 when I was 11 years old.  Debra is on WCPN Around Noon. I have paintings at Ira McEvoy's house. I have paintings at the Mitsunaga's.

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Click the Link for an audio clip of Seth and Debra Chwast  on "WCPN's Around Noon."

I am spray painting the Guitar for Rock 'Til it Stops. 

I made a Guitar for Rock 'Til It Stops. I used Spray paint. I feel proud. 

I am almost finished with my Abstract. I feel Proud. 

Seth and Debra are at Rock 'til it Stops

I feel gleeful.  I am at Beauty and the Beast at The Palace Theater.

 Two of my prints are at Rock 'til It Stops. 

Molly and Seth are at Beauty and the Beast. I like Beauty and the Beast.

Jason and Seth are at Beauty and the Beast at The Palace Theater.  I feel Gleeful!

My Purple Fantasy Pegasus painting is in Ira's House. 

My painting is going to the Mitsunaga's.  This is my Blue-Footed Booby oil on canvas painting.

My painting is at the Mitsunaga's house. I feel honored.   

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