We are in the Cayman Islands! I Feel Gleeful!

We are in Little Cayman at The Southern Cross Club. I am with Molly and Debra. We love Little Cayman.

Your Friend, 

 This is little plane to Little Cayman

This is Little Cayman from little plane. The water color is different hues of blues.
I am in front of a palm trees

This is our house on the beach 
I am laying in the hammock 
Mom’s Birthday has cupcakes with candle with fire 
Happy Birthday card and sweet cupcake. Happy Birthday Debra!
This is the hermit crab race. I picked a hermit crab, I named him Fernando!

 The crabs feel enthusiastic!
This bird comes on the beach everyday at 4 p.m. The bird feels calm and happy!
Molly and Seth are on the boardwalk pier, getting ready for the Sunset Cruise!

 Molly and Seth are sitting on the boat on the Sunset Cruise. We feel proud and glad.
I feel proud and gleeful about the Sunset Cruise!

Fernando and Seth and Gabriel. I ate crackers, hummus, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes!

Here is Owen Island. Bird is on the beach. Sun is in the sky. Different hues of gray, mauve, peach, beige, blue and lavenders.
I am standing and dancing on the Sunset cruise! 
We are dancing in a train. I feel proud and enthusiastic!

I drew 28 pigs up in the pagoda in Little Cayman

Erik bought my painting. He will take 28 pigs to Bergen, Norway. Erik lives in Bergen, Norway. I feel proud and gleeful!

This is one of my piggys! The pig feels glad and excited!
I am in the Jacuzzi. I go to Jacuzzi everyday. The Jacuzzi makes me feel peaceful and happy.


  1. This is wonderful! I am going to share it on the Southern Cross Club's Facebook Page!!!!

  2. Fernando…What a name for a hermit crab! LOL! It’s so nice to be on the beach, where you can stroll around and feel the morning breeze. And when night time falls, you can do all kinds of fun with family and friends at nearby clubhouse or bars.^.^Donna Parsley