Happy New Year 2013!

Seth, Debra, and Molly went to Cayman in November 2012. We are going back to Cayman in January 2013. Today is the last day of December 2012.
Happy New Year!

Your friend, Seth

 Seth on the beach at The Pirates Point. We will snorkel on the water. I feel peaceful and enthusiastic when I snorkel.
We saw the Stingray and fish are in the Caribbean Sea. The Stingray and fish are friends.
Puffer fish feels gleeful. The puffer fish swims in the Caribbean Sea.
We saw the Elkhorn Coral. The Elkhorn Coral feels comfortable.
We saw the Nurse Shark swimming in the Caribbean Sea. The Nurse Shark feels calm and comfort. 
Sherry takes Seth snorkeling. I feel excited and peaceful about snorkeling. We saw the Coral Reef Sea Fan.
We saw the Pterois. Another name for Lionfish is Pterois. The Pterois is in the Caribbean Sea.
We saw a little fish with different hues of blues and turquoises.  The little fish feels excited and peaceful.
We saw the Eel swims in the Caribbean Sea.

I swam in the Caribbean Sea. I feel proud and peaceful.      
Brain Coral. Grow your brain.
I am on the boat. The boat took us to snorkel. The boat took us to Owen Island. I feel peaceful and excited.
I drew 10 fishes after snorkel.
10 Fishes are Swimming in The Caribbean Sea. The Fishes feel gleeful! We saw Fishes from Snorkeling. The Water has different hues of Aquas and Blues.
The Colored Fish. The Tropical fish are in Little Cayman. The fish are multi-colored. The fish feels peaceful and enthusiastic.
Seth and Molly next to the Iguana Sign. We feel happy and peaceful.     
The Iguanas eating the Bananas
I am standing with Iguanas. We saw 14 iguanas!
Seth is eating the banana
Seth and Molly with Iguanas.  We went to feed the Iguanas with bananas. I feel glad and peaceful.
I drew the Iguana with Banana.

The Iguana is a Reptile. The Banana is a fruit. We fed the Iguanas with Bananas. The Iguanas feel peaceful and gleeful!

Construction of the Little Cayman Museum in Little Cayman in British West Indies. Seth is holding the hammer.

The bird is on the water. The bird is white. Water has different hues of turquoise, teals, greens and blues. The sky has different hues of greys, yellows, oranges, lavenders, and peaches. 

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