New Friends in Little Cayman 2013!

I have many of new friends! I feel gleeful and peaceful! In Little Cayman I snorkel and paint every day and we saw many of stars in the sky! Your friend, Seth

Guy Harvey is famous artist. Guy Harvey paints fishes, sharks and marlins. Guy Harvey was born September 16th, 1955. Guy Harvey was born on Friday.
Guy Harvey, Debra, and I with palm trees.
Greg Foster and I at Central Caribbean Marine Institute. Greg is a scientist. The spotted eagle ray is on the wall.
Greg is teaching Seth, Debra, and Molly about the coral reef.
Lionfish at the Central Caribbean Marine Institute. Lionfish is in the water. Coral reef.
We are looking at the ocean. Debra feels enthusiastic and peaceful. Greg feels gleeful! I feel excited.
Goodbye Greg! Greg will be in the next trip on February 18th, 2013. People can go on plane.
Kite Shop!
Bruno and Mike are kitesurfing!
Seth is watching kitesurfing from the boat. I feel gleeful!
Bruno is doing kitesurfing. Bruno is jumping from the water!
I am holding the banana. I am eating the banana. Yeah!
I am on the Owen Island. 
I am holding the kite. Kite is flying in the air. The Sun is in the sky. Bruno is my friend. Bruno feels gleeful and peaceful. Bruno is from Estonia.
I am driving the sunset cruise. Boat driver. I feel enthusiastic and peaceful.
Christian and Gabi. Christian is a diver. Gabi is my friend. Gabi makes Seth smoothie.
Molly, Debra and I are sitting in the sunset cruise. We feel proud and enthusiastic. 
Hernan and I. Hernan is from Argentina. Hernan works at the Southern Cross Club. Hernan is my friend. Hernan feels glad and peaceful.

This is Jerry Style and I. Jerry works at the Edward Bodden Airfield also known as Little Cayman Airport.  Jerry feels glad and excited!
Gabi and I are on the beach. Gabi and I are in Little Cayman. I will draw a picture of Gabi.
Sherry and I are snorkel. We saw many fishes. We are at Point of Sand.
I feel glad and enthusiastic about the Point of Sand snorkeling. Daytime and sun will go down to the night sky.
I am sitting in the jacuzzi.
Greg took picture. Greg has many of underwater pictures from all over the world. I will paint the fish. I feel glad and peaceful. 


  1. I´ve really enjoyed reading this blog, Thank you!

  2. I saw your artwork in Galapagos several years ago. I'm glad to see you're still creating beautiful art and enjoying exotic places. Very nice!