Come to New York City and see my artwork at ArtExpo!

I am going to the Art Expo. I want many of friends to come see my artwork. Miss New York USA will be at my booth.  I feel gleeful and peaceful about the Art Expo.

  • Friday, March 22nd: 10AM – 7PM – Open To Public
  • Saturday, March 23rd: 10AM – 7PM – Open To Public
  • Sunday, March 24th: 10AM – 6PM – Open To Public


Pier 92
711 12th Ave (55th Street & the West Side Highway)
New York, NY 10019-5399
Come see my artwork Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Thursday is Trade Day.

Your Friend, Seth

12 Tropical Fishes are from Little Cayman
Red-Footed Booby is standing on a palm tree in Little Cayman
I am making Spotted Drum Fish to go be on a t-shirt in The Southern Cross Club Gift Shop!
1 Big Crab.  The Crab is a non-fish.  The Crab is a non-mammal.  The Crab feels peaceful!
I am the Clark Gable with Neil Van Niekerk.  Neil bought the 1 Big Crab.  I am the Clark Gable at the Oscar Night.  I am standing with Neil Van Niekerk.  Neil Van Niekerk bought the 1 Big Crab.  The Neil Van Niekerk feels gleeful!
I dressed up as Clark Gable and Molly dressed up as Marilyn Monroe.  We got the Golden Conch Shells for the best dressed couple.
I got a Golden Conch Shell won an award!
The Spotted Eagle Ray with water background.
The Squid is a non-fish.  The Squid is a non-mammal.
The Spotted Drum Fish #1 is a sketch. 
Seth and Sherry are snorkeling.  We saw the 6,000 feet deep water trench.
We dive in the water at the Jackson Bay in Little Cayman.
The 6,000 feet deep trench is in background.
Sherry and Seth are snorkeling in Little Cayman. I love Little Cayman!

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