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 New Pictures! Grow your brain! I had an art opening on Friday, May 17, 2013 at the Cleveland State University. Come see my artwork at the Cleveland State University until Mid-June. I am doing a painting and a drawing. I was on 19 Action News. See my video.


See my new artwork!

Your Friend,


We were on TV. I will be famous!

Seth is standing between 2 Abstract Gardens at CSU.
My artwork will be at CSU until Mid-June.
I am painting the Abstract Garden with cake decorating tips.

I am painting Abstract in Acrylic.

The Abstract in Acrylic with Dots. I feel enthusiastic!

I finished the Square Spotted Damsel Fish for Fish Children's Book.

I painted 4 Pigs are in the ocean. 1 pig is swimming in the water. The Sky is daytime.
7 Pigs and 3 Planets are in the nighttime sky with Blue Swirls.  The Pigs feel enthusiastic!
I drew the Blue Tang Fish. The Fish feels glad and peaceful!

I drew the Scrawled Filefish. The Fish feels happy and gleeful!

I drew an artist statements for Scrawled Filefish on back of the drawing. Scrawled Filefish is a good friendly. I drew sentences on back of the drawing.

I drew Square Spotted Damsel Fish. I will put pictures on my Fish Children's Book. I feel peaceful!

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