My news story won a Emmy! Come see my story on the news!

My news story won a Emmy! I went to Broadway Shows and see my new artwork!  I went to ChamberFEST and see my painting. My painting is of people, places and music!  I have many art shows and book tours in the future.  I feel glad and enthusiastic!

Click this link to see my news story: http://www.wkyc.com/video/1984376467001/1/Cleveland-Heights-artist-communicates-with-painting

Your Friend, Seth

"Seth's first Emmy" says Molly
Seth is sitting on the chair next to The Nighttime Landscape with autumn leaves.

I am painting more autumn leaves on The Nighttime Landscape.

I am holding the graphite drawing of Samuel Moss is Seth's great grandfather and Sandra Newmark is Seth's grandmother.  My great grandfather's country of origin is from Russia.

I am holding my framed drawing of 2 Pine Trees.  The pine tree has needles and the other pine tree has different shapes.

I am painting The Daytime Landscape.
Seth is holding The Daytime Landscape.  The Sky has real clouds and imaginary shape clouds.  The Purple Mountains have white snowcaps.  The Summertime has deciduous trees and pine trees.  The hills, the lakes and the rivers.

I am in front of the Kinky Boots on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, the day before the Art Omi Benefit in Manhattan in New York, New York 

We saw the Matilda at the Art Omi Benefit on Broadway in Manhattan in New York, New York.  The Matilda is beautiful!  I feel peaceful and enthusiastic!

We are the Keynote Speakers at lunchtime at the Milestones Conference at The International Exposition Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

I am signing the painting It's About Time.  I made this painting for ChamberFEST music festival.  I feel gleeful and proud!

I am watching the rehearsal.

People played the string instruments. Gabriel Cabezas is playing the Cello.

Molly and I are best friends.  I feel glad and happy!

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