I am painting flowers in my garden! See the video of me painting in my garden!

I am painting the Big Echinacea Flower

I am painting the Platycoden Flowers with green leaves.

I used watercolors to paint the Platycoden.
I am drawing the Hibiscus Flower in my backyard.

We went to the Chef's Gala on Saturday, August 10, 2013.  I gave my book to Michael Symon.

I gave my Manhattan Floating Silkscreen to Michael Symon.  The silkscreen will go to Michael Symon's New York City Apartment.

I am standing next to Fantasy Griffin.  Fantasy Griffin is a mythical creature.

I am standing next to Fantasy Hippocampus painting.

I am standing next to 2 Groupers.  The 2 Groupers are Cayman Fishes.  I feel gleeful and proud!

I am standing next to Central Park Horse's Carriage with Horse.

I am standing next to the Venetian Canal painting.  

The puzzle piece has mythic creatures.  The puzzle piece will go to Charleston, South Carolina for Autism Speaks!

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