We will go to France! We did Mardi Gras Parade! I feel happy!

Hello friends.  We are going to the Papea Parc in Lyon, Pays de la Loire, France, Europe.  I have been snorkeling, painting and walking on the beach.  Life is good.  I have 2,233 friends on my Facebook!  Your Friend, Seth.

This is Lenny's band in a monestary in France.  Lenny Schecter is a photographer and musician.  Lenny's photographs were inside the back cover of Mad Magazine.  Lenny is Mom's college friend.  Lenny lives in the Loire Valley in France.   He lives near Papea Parc has 3 roller coasters.  Lenny invited us to his farmhouse in France.  We want to visit Lenny.

Lenny is singing. Lenny worked at the Folklore Center in the villiage and met Woody Allen, Bob Dylan, Alan Ginsberg, Andy Warhol, Joni Mitchell, Tim Hardin, Dave Van Ronk, Emmylou Harris and played music with Pete Seeger. Lenny likes my art! I feel proud. 
Seth and the Hippocampus are getting ready to go to Mardi Gras Parade.
Molly, Debra and I are in front of the Mardi Gras Float.  We are wearing Mardi Gras masks and beads.  My artwork is on the Mardi Gras Pontoon Float.  I feel enthusiastic and happy!
Seth is wearing the Mardi Gras mask and riding on the float.  I feel proud!
Molly is wearing Mardi Gras mask in the parade.  Molly feels happy and peaceful!
Kristian, Molly and I are in front of the Mardi Gras Float.  Kristian takes Seth snorkeling.  I feel glad and peaceful!
Big party on the float. People are dancing and feeling excited.
I won an award and wore a medal around my neck.  Molly and I are in the Mardi Gras Party!  I feel proud and thrilled!

We are in All Saints' Day party at the Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Molly and Seth are standing in front of the sunken barge.  We are going to snorkel in Mary's Bay in Little Cayman.
We are exploring barge was sunken in the 1960's

The frog is in the sink in our bathroom. The frog has different hues of yellows. The frog feels excited and gleeful!
Debra and I are standing on the sunset cruise in Little Cayman.

Molly and I are standing on the sunset cruise in Little Cayman.
I feel excited and glad about the sunset cruise in Little Cayman.
The sun goes down.  The magic of fire is in the sky.  The sunset has different hues of mauves, light peaches, peaches, tangerines, lavenders, putty beiges, beiges, oranges, pale vermilions, lilacs, yellow-oranges, spanish oranges and sunburst yellows.  The sunset is beautiful.  I feel proud and thrilled about the sunset.
Fantasy Far Away Birds #2.  More than 100 birds are flying all over the world.  The birds have multi-colors.  The birds are flying in the air.  The birds are far away from my view.  The birds feels calm and comfort.  I feel proud and peaceful about this drawing.  This drawing is beautiful!

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