I have 2 exhibitions in Philadelphia.

I will have an exhibition at the Autism Institute in Philadelphia from Sept 22nd - 25th. In April 2015 I will go back for a larger full exhbition. We went to Playhouse Square to see the Miracoco Luminarium. We met Kim Novak at the Butler Institute of American Art. She is an actress in the movie Vertigo. I made artwork for the Cleveland Chamberfest.

The Triangle Theme of 3's will go to ChamberFEST 2014.  I feel peaceful!  My art will be featured in the tickets and programs.

I am holding the Loire Valley Castle #1.  I am still working.  We are going to the France to see Lenny Schechter in 2015.  We feel happy!

Kim Novak kissed me 10 times.  I feel proud and enthusiastic!
I saw Kim Novak at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.  Our artwork was on display at the same time.
Kim's art was beautiful!  Kim was a very nice lady.  I feel enthusiastic and gleeful!
I was standing next to Kim's artwork.  Kim's painting is oil on canvas.

I went to Miracoco at the PlayhouseSquare.  Miracoco is a luminarium in the parking lot.  I like the colors.

I was in a tunnel at Miracoco.  The tunnel has reds, greens and blues.  I feel thrilled!

I painted Fantasy Albino Buffalo #4 with Noah.  It will be shown at an exhibition in Fargo, North Dakota.  I feel excited!  Acrylic on canvas.  I used greens, blues, browns and grays.  The Albino Buffalo feels calm and comfort!

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