My Dolphins will go to Philadelphia

My Dolphins will go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in September and April.
I am holding the Multicolored Stripes Dolphin.  This painting is going to Philadelphia for the Gwynedd Presentation.

I am holding the Pattern Multicolored Circle Dolphin.  I feel happy and tranquil!

I am holding The Diagonal Brushstrokes Abstract Dolphin.  I made Dolphin Paintings in 2011.

I saw Million Dollar Quartet at the State Theatre at PlayhouseSquare in Cleveland, Ohio.  The play makes me feel thrilled and peaceful!
Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash were in The Million Dollar Quartet.  They were musicians in 1900's.

Holden and I are holding many abstract shapes with patterns.  The series makes me feel glad and excited!

I am holding the 3 Abstract Shapes #4 in front of Mythic Creature Mural.  I feel proud, calm and comfort!

I am holding the Loire Valley Castle #3 in front of Mythic Creature Mural.  This one is unfinished.  I will finish it soon.

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  1. Great Job Seth! Keep it up! I Love The Castle Paintings! Love, Molly