We spoke at Milestone. I did my first Woodcut for ChamberFEST.

Here is a 22 minute video of Me and Mom presenting at the Annual Milestones Autism Conference 2014.

110 people came to hear us speak. I signed lots of books.

We are at ChamberFEST at the Mixon Hall at CIM in Cleveland, Ohio. Roman lived in our house. Orion practiced in our house.

This is my Woodcut Triangle for ChamberFEST at CIM in Cleveland, Ohio. This is my first woodcut. This piece makes me feel gleeful and excited!

This is me in my ChamberFEST tshirt standing next to the Woodcut Triangle.

We are holding my new 4 Abstract pieces.  They make me feel peaceful and excited!

I am holding the Loire Valley Castle #2 in front of Mythic Creature Mural.  I feel calm, comfort and tranquil!

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