I paint in Brooklyn, We are working on the next King Seth children's book, Herb Ascherman will take 1,000 portraits of me

I am doing Abstract Shapes with Arrows on watercolor paper. We are in Brooklyn in Kip's studio.

I made Abstract Shapes with Arrows.

I am starting abstract lines that are thin and thick.

I am doing the abstract lines.

I am continuing the abstract colors with thin and thick lines.

I am finishing abstract lines.

I am doing King Seth with Robot. We finished King Seth Dreams. This will be for my next King Seth book.

King Seth Holding the Robot is Japanese ink on watercolor paper. We are making 3 more King Seth books for children.

I am doing King Seth Portrait.

The King Seth is a Robot Shape.

King Seth Robot with a Sun on His Shirt is Japanese ink and gouache on watercolor paper.

Two King Seth wooden sculptures are in the studio in Brooklyn.
I am holding the Penn & Teller program. We went to New York. I like Penn & Teller.

I am holding the King and I program.
We are standing in front of Lincoln Center Fountain in New York, New York before King and I.

This is Herb Ascherman. Herb will take 1,000 pictures of me. 40 will be in an exhibition with 40 of my paintings.
We will have a book with Herb's photos and my paintings. Herb took photos of me in Cleveland, painting in New York and at Coney Island. I feel gleeful, excited, enthusiastic and peaceful.

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