My art will be on a guitar. Zac Brown will play my guitar on a tour in December. Jamie O'Shea and Robbie came from LA for one day to make a video.

Zac Brown says:
"In partnership with Zac Brown and Taylor Guitars, Bai has created The Guitar Project, a series of custom guitars designed by a diverse group of leading edge artists who all have one thing in common: a relentless pursuit of their authentic creative vision."

"For this project, we have selected an elite group of emerging artists—each of whom express themselves through a unique and distinctive design style—to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art inspired by their own authenticity. This art will in turn be featured on a limited number of hand-built Taylor guitar to be played live by Zac Brown throughout his Fall/Winter 2015 tour before being auctioned off on eBay with proceeds going to Zac’s charity Camp Southern Ground, founded to help children who face difficult challenges and disabilities to find their own authentic selves."
Here is my art on the guitar for Zac Brown.

Herb, Jamie, Robbie, and I are in the dining room. They are taking pictures for the Zac Brown Band video.
I am standing next to Herb. Herb is still taking photos of me for our exhibit Perspective- An Art Exhibit at Valley Arts Center in Chagrin March 25th - May 4th. You can follow us on www.facebook.com/PerspectiveCLE

Robbie is taking my picture in front of 6 Self Studies.

I am playing piano with Georgia On My Mind song.

Robbie is in roller coaster room with Kip.

I am sitting in a chair next to Superman Tower of Power.

We are standing in second floor back hallway. Robbie and Jamie are making a video of me and my art. We went all over the house.

I am painting Abstract Shapes with Under and Over Lines. Robbie and Herb Ascherman are in the studio.

Robbie took pictures of Jamie O'Shea and me in front of my house.

We are holding the painting for Zac Brown Band.
Robbie took a picture of me with the painting in my garden.

Robbie and I are in my backyard. I feel thrilled, excited, proud, peaceful and gleeful! You will see my video soon.
Your Friend,

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