We hung my new art in my house, Part 2.

I am standing next to Electric Guitar with Vibrant Flowers.

I am sitting on the radiator by Fantasy Red and Green Fern.

I am standing by Electric Guitar has Squiggly Lines in Background.

I am standing next to Mom in sun room.

I am sitting on the chair behind office desk next to Breathing Trees.

I am sitting next to Multi-colored Fantasy Flower Abstract and Bluespotted Angelfish.

I am standing next to Goby in a Forest of Polyps.

Two Iguanas and Red Flower In My Garden are in the dining room.

I am next to Eye Of The Parrot near the floor in my house.

Galapagos Hawks Head, Red Footed Boobie is Standing on a Branch, and Costa Rica Quetzal (Parrot) are in my room. I feel peaceful.

I am laying down. Toucan and The Great Blue Heron Head are next to my bed.

I am standing next to 2 Giant Tortoises, Small School of Fish, and The Giant Fantasy Tortoise.

I am in the second floor office. I am standing next to Circular Gradations, The Green Fantasy Dolphin in the Night Sky, and Abstract in Oil (blue top, mid green).

I am standing next to Daytime Landscape and Leaping Red Fantasy Dolphin. I feel gleeful!

I am standing next to Eye of the Trumpetfish.

I am standing next to Ring-Eye Dwarf Goby and Flabellina Abstract. I feel calm and tranquil.

I am sitting in the chair next to Maldives Anemone in the Green and Purple Coral.

I am standing next to Many Pink Flowers in My Garden.
I am sitting on the bed next to The Boy Was Decapitated on Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday, June 28, 2008 and Coney Island Parachute Jump.

I am laying on the bed in front of Abstract in Oil w/Roller Coaster & Christmas Tree and The Coney Island Wonder Wheel. The Son of Beast is carved on my bed.

I am sitting next to Coney Island Cyclone. I feel happy, glad, proud, thrilled, excited, peaceful, gleeful, and enthusiastic!
Your Friend,

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