We went to France. We came home. We took a slew of photos. We will send some every week. Here is me and my new guitar and Sue with my painting and France.

Jamie O'Shea came to my house. My art is on a guitar for Zach Brown. I feel thrilled and enthusiastic! This guitar is fantastic!

This is me with my guitar in my 3rd floor studio.  The Taylor guitar is from Jamie O'Shea. 
Sue Haskell has my painting in her living room for Christmas morning. Sue is my friend. Sue has the Two Blue Dancing Boobies in her hallway. 
We are in France. The buildings are very old. The buildings are beautiful. 

We are in Le Bien Aller restaurant in Aubigny-sur-Nère. We love this restaurant.

We love the food. 

We love the bakeries.

I love the buildings.

We are in the Le Borne Pottery Museum.

Noah likes the skulls.

There are lots of skulls.

Mom loves the trees.

We saw chickens in the trees.

We saw the baby lamb.

We saw the reactors. 

Mom loves the trees.

We love the bridge.

Noah had profitoroles. There is puff pastry with ice cream in the middle and chocolate sauce. We are in France.
I will send you more photos of France next week. 
Your Friend,

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