We are now in Cayman. Here are more pictures of France. We are happy in Cayman. We are happy in France.

Chateau de Sancerre. We saw lots of chateaus. 

We saw trees and the sky.

We saw lots of green fields.

We ate cherry tomatoes from the garden every day in November.

We saw houses with vines.

We came back to see Lenny's friend the next day. There were more chickens in the trees.

There were more baby lambs.

Lenny's grandson had a birthday.

There were lots of desserts.

We like the old towns.

We saw a tree on the top the building.

We saw the staircase.

Mom loves horses.

Mom likes gargoyles.

We love the arts quarter.

We will go to France many of times.
We are happy in France.
I will send you more photos of France next week. We are happy.
Your Friend,

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