This is me and Queen Elizabeth! My friend Naomi came to my house. I am in a newspaper in Germany. I am on the back page. Queen Elizabeth is on the front page. We are together! Spring flowers, I go fishing, My opening, I am in New York, My King Seth Doll, My three new books. None are finished yet.

I am sitting on the outdoor garden bench.

I am sitting on the ground bending knee in front of daffodils.

I am sitting on the driveway on the side of my house with flowers.

I am fishing with Jason at Bob and Lynda's house. 

I am holding the fishing rod.

I am standing in between Herb and Debra at Chagrin Valley Art Center.

I am standing between John and Pam Gibbon.

I am standing next to Sandy Spinks from the Pooka Festival in Bedford.

I am standing next to Lois and Doug at the Chagrin Valley Art Center.
These photos were taken by Herb Ascherman. 

Ceramic Piece of Windows is at my exhibition.

I am at Bright Star musical in New York, New York.
I am holding the King Seth Doll in front of Red Orange Fantasy Horse. There will be many King Seth Dolls in the 2nd King Seth book. The first King Seth book will be ready this summer, for my exhibition at the Children's Museum of Cleveland.

I am holding my new book "A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist." It will be on my website this spring.

I am holding "A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist" This is the Giant Purple Anemone.

I am holding "A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist." This is the Albino Buffalo #4

I am holding the Fantasy Messy Sheet. It is not finished. This is for Abandon Pearls, Volume 2, Crimson and Fire.

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