I am in a French newspaper. I painted mandalas in Brooklyn. I am painting mandalas in Cleveland. We are getting ready for my exhibition at the Sustainability Center. Herb came to visit me. Our new book is almost ready!

My friend Alain Breuze invited us to an opening. He wrote in the Le Journal De Gien. He wrote about "American painter Seth Chwast." I feel proud and gleeful!

I am painting the dots on Mandala. I am in Kip's studio in Brooklyn, New York.

I am continuing the dots on Mandala.

I am painting squiggly triangles on Mandala.

I am continuing squiggly triangles on Mandala.

The woodcut mandala is not finished.

I am in my studio in Cleveland. I am holding The Mandala Sun and The Neon Mandala Abstract.

I am holding the Tree Mandala. I feel gleeful!

My painting is on the t-shirt for ChamberFest.

I am in my dining room. We are wrapping art for my exhibition at the Sustainability Center in Berea, OH. August 8-14, 2016. We are sending 31 paintings. I feel thrilled and excited!
Herb Ascherman came to visit me in my studio.
This is my book A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist: Paintings by Seth Chwast Portraiture by Herbert Ascherman. It is almost finished. I feel astonished and gleeful!

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